Differentiating Red versus White Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are typical skin conditions. They initially manifest on the skin as red, unequally raised streaks. Precautionary care can reduce your possibilities of forming stretch marks, but there are no assurances. Depending on the age of stretch marks, it might manifest as dark red or silver. In this page, let us differentiate red versus white stretch marks.Red versus White Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are commonly triggered by abrupt weight increase. If you are pregnant or have increased a great deal of weight, via either diet or workout, you are extra susceptible to stretch marks. Growth increases throughout adolescence can also trigger stretch marks. The Medline Plus states that abuse of cortisone creams, Cushing syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome can also be sources of this skin condition.

Purple or Red Stretch Marks Development

Once stretch marks initially take place on your skin, the distressed skin will become red or somewhat purple. In due time, and depending on your skin type and hue, these will frequently fade to white or silvery. While there are lots of creams available on the market that assert to diminish stretch marks rapidly, majority of them have minor or no result at all.

Remedy for Red Striae

New stretch marks might react to distinctive remedies when compared to older blemishes. The MayoClinic.com states that tretinoin cream, pulsed dye laser treatment and fractional photo-thermolysis might be the most functional to fresh, red stretch marks. Tretinoin cream includes a component described as retin-A, which may restore the collagen within the skin. It must not be utilized by pregnant women. Pulsed dye laser treatment utilizes laser light to activate collagen underneath the stretch mark to support recuperation. In fractional photo-thermolysis, light is pulsed into the skin in little quantity to persuade the restoration of the skin.

Remedy for Silver or White Stretch Marks

Aged stretch marks might not react to similar medication utilized for new stretch marks, thus a distinct method is needed. Microdermabrasion scratches the skin by way of little crystals to make better the look of stretch marks. Excimer laser, which supports the creation of the skin pigment known as melanin, might tint the stretch mark to a color nearer to your normal skin hue.

Difference between Red and White Stretch Marks

Red stretch marks are still in the development stage and are a perfect phase for medication. However, white stretch marks have been on the skin for several years already. Since they include not as much color, white stretch marks are not as much receptive to medication. These white, aged, more-established stretch marks normally need the distressed skin to be surgically eliminated. Surgical procedures such as tummy tucks are actually the sole means to remedy old stretch marks.

Red stretch marks are frequently a regular portion of adolescence for both boys and girls. Once a body increases weight rapidly, stretch marks manifest, frequently on the stomach, arms and legs. Young men can obtain this skin condition from joining body changing sports like football and weight lifting. Women can obtain them on their stomach due to pregnancy.

As soon as stretch marks mature, they become white. Even though they disappear, they might become more even in due time, and can also become silver. One more source of white stretch marks is irritation and collagen renovation, which might show the way to the loss of color and becomes red stretch marks to white.

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