Laser Surgery for Stretch Marks and What It Can Do For You

Discovering the appropriate stretch mark removal solution for you might not be a simple job. However, if you are searching for a medication that will assure the fading of your ugly blemishes then laser surgery stretch mark removal may be the solution to your predicament. What can this treatment do for you?Laser Surgery for Stretch Marks and What It Can Do for You

Deliver Advantages

Some of the advantages you can obtain from laser stretch mark surgery include: elimination of red stretch marks and cutback in the look of silver or white blemishes, trouble-free process, activate skin recuperation and cell rejuvenation, and negligible recuperating period.

Laser surgery stretch mark removal has an advantage above further surgical processes since it is non-invasive. This denotes that you will not encounter painful discomfort throughout or following the process. The only discomfort your will feel is a squeezing feeling. Additionally, you will be capable to return to work or any action you fell like doing immediately following the treatment. The treatment normally takes approximately 10 minutes to one hour, depending on the gravity of stretch marks. Thus, you can certainly obtain the process executed even throughout your lunch break. Normally, every session can set you back anywhere from $400 to $1500.


Noticing the procedure of laser stretch mark surgery will provide you the most advantageous outcome you anticipate. The process is created efficiently by means of progressive know-how.

As a substitute to surgically eliminating the stretch marks, a ray of light is utilized to go into the dermis and interrupt the scar tissue particles. The tissues will afterward degenerate and sooner or later fade away. As soon as the previous tissues have departed the region, new collagen and skin tissues will form and the recuperating procedure will begin. Thus, laser surgery stretch mark removal does not only eliminate the stretch marks, it also aids your skin turn out healthy and even.

If you desire to make your skin more even, you can merge laser surgery with one more established treatment such as microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic process wherein dead skin cells at the exterior coating of the skin are eliminated by way of light abrasion.

Age of Stretch Marks Count


Stretch marks treatment will depend on the maturity of stretch marks. Stretch marks that are on its premature phases are normally red or brown in hue. On the other hand, it will take lengthier time to lessen the look of stretch marks that have matured, similar to those that are silver or white. The clarification is attributed to the truth that laser pulsed light normally performs excellently on dark or reddish lines.

Skin Color Matters as Well

There are as well further things to take into account particularly if you have dark skin. Remedying an individual of color needs a great deal of expertize since laser releases light for the melanin to soak up in and individuals of color have extra melanin color. Thus, if a laser ray is concentrated on a stretch mark, the adjacent melanin may rob away the laser light, look for an expert doctor who can appropriately execute the treatment that is suitable for your skin type. The most excellent treatment program will be to utilize lengthier wavelengths laser since melanin is intended to soak up lasers with shorter wavelengths.

There is much that the laser surgery for stretch marks can do for you. Remember though that its success will depend on a number of things.

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