The Truth about Guys and Stretch Marks

The human body is your utmost plus point and ironically the resource of your utmost uncertainties! In terms of body concerns for women, men are notorious for actually seeing specific defects whilst totally missing others. In view of this, try to think if guys care about stretch marks or not. What then is the truth about guys and stretch marks?

Guys and Stretch MarksStretch Marks and Men

The question on whether men are concerned about stretch marks or not depends according to every male, since each guy is distinct. Generally, their response to stretch marks might be varied. If the stretch marks are moderately slight and in part concealed with clothes, then it possibly is not a big concern. However, things can alter once they notice the blemishes initially in either a close setting or if they have to put on revealing clothing such as swimming trunks or bikini at pool, beach or lake.

In such situations, each guy will respond distinctively. Several might not care the least since they are fully aware that their bodies are not precisely like the underwear model standard. However, several men will just respond unconstructively to stretch marks. It might be superficial, but you know very well that both men and women are thin-skinned most of the time. If they were not, not anybody will spend so much time and effort getting ready for a dinner date.

Maybe an extra suitable question is: Will having stretch marks trigger a guy to stay away from having a date with you? Once again, the response relies on the guy in question. In a condition where he has an option amid a woman with no stretch marks and one with them, it is appropriate to state that he will possibly go with the one without the marks. You have to learn that guys also get stretch marks. They incline to be situated all-around the joints, particularly if they lift weights, or their belly if they do not obtain adequate workout.

Indirect Concern that Men Have

There is one part where stretch marks incline to influence possible relationships amid men and women even if the guy does not care regarding the way they appear. That part has to do with the way your confidence is influenced by the stretch marks. There are men who do not care much about the stretch mark in women. What concerns most men is the way a woman carry herself. Most men want somebody who is amazing and outgoing to be with. Men do not care much about stretch marks, thus if you’re a woman with it and want to have a date with the guy you like, do not fret much about your stretch marks because there are so many things you can do to conceal them. Only conceited men will be aware of stretch marks.

Taking Action

There are distinctive means in managing with stretch marks. You can opt for surgical procedure, but that is costly and excruciating. A better line of attack is to experiment with one of the different stretch mark medication creams obtainable in the market. Topmost selections involve Skinception, Revitol Stretch Mark Cream, Dermology Stretch Mark Cream, Trilastin-SR, Revitage-Fx and StiVectin-SD.

Men, some of them, may have concerns with stretch marks. It might be that they are concerned about it because they have the condition for themselves or it might also be because of the fact that they don’t want their female partners having it.

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